4 Kinds of Things I Find at an Antique Mall

Yesterday my parents-in-law came to town, and we decided to take a quick trip to Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall in Montgomery. Trust me when I say that I could have spent an entire day looking around in this store. I mean, it was three stories high and filled wall-to-wall with antiques, crafts, books, re-purposed furniture, you name it. Out of this entire store I only ended up getting two things – both of them books. If I could, I would have bought so much more. Before I jump into the other finds that I certainly didn’t purchase, I’ll show you what I got (bear with the photos; I only have an iPhone).

What I Got 

FullSizeRender (6)

I’ve been casually looking for a copy of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott for a couple of weeks because I realized that, even though the movie is one of my favorites, I’ve never read the book. So I saw this beautiful copy and had to have it (my mother-in-law actually decided to get it for me because she wants me to read it so badly). The book on the right was my purchase. I found a A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, one I’ve also never read, surprising as it is.

And below are shelves I couldn’t pass up looking through. There were about ten more that didn’t go unnoticed; I spent a lot of time here.


The Interesting


Here’s a cute, handmade (I think) owl. It’s cute, though its eyes area little overbearing.


This is an enlarger. It’s something that’s used in dark rooms by photographers to enlarge (or reduce) negatives. I like photography and my dad has spent a lot of time in dark rooms so I thought this was neat.


I like dachshunds. End of story.

The Memory-Inducing


My mom has several pieces of the same pattern as these. When I looked at them, I could remember the house I spent the first seven or eight years of my life. This was the main decor I remember in our little living room and kitchen. 🙂


I love love loved Nancy Drew books (and mysteries in general). I only got to read a few of them, but I saw this one and had lots of emotions. This is actually an older cover than the one I had. Mine had a smooth finish, so it was fun to see an earlier copy. Later, when we found the bookshelves, I ran across most of the series with the cover I had as a girl.

The Strange


These creepy things were oddly placed. I saw them only after we had been looking at hats and toy trucks for a while – they were on the same table. I don’t hate clowns but when they look like this it doesn’t make me have good feelings toward them. Maybe someone thinks they’re cute?


There were mostly cute little people and classic-looking Hallmark ornaments…and then I saw this. So I had to take a picture. I’m not a fan of Star Trek. Maybe those who are think this is neat, but I thought it strange that there was a fancy “Keepsake Ornament” of Captain Picard (my husband had to tell me who it even was).


Last, but not least: my husband with “whiskers.”