Journey to Joy: A Resolution

Psalm 16:11

“You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

Joy has a few defintions, all of which are correct in some way, but only one is real. Sometimes we think happiness and joy are the same thing. However, I’ve come to understand that joy — true joy — is more than being happy. Sure, it’s also an emotion resulting from good fortune, but God’s joy is more than a feeling. It’s a content satisfaction in the Lord that we can have no matter our situation. Theopedia calls it “an orientation of the heart” and “a settled state of contentment, confidence, and hope.” It’s an attitude we have the power and the choice to set in our hearts and minds.

The Beginning

True joy starts with an open heart for God and the decision to become a Christian and a child of God, because without being one of His children, we won’t experience His joy. It comes from total surrender to Him, knowing that we won’t have every answer when we want it, every schedule go as planned, or every person as our friend. Joy is planted in our hearts the moment we realize that God has us, and that we don’t have to excessively worry about earthly things — as a matter of fact, God tells us not to. We find joy when we read our Bibles and come to an understanding of His word through prayer and meditation. It comes to fruition when we put realization into action, taking advantage of every tool God gives us for communication with Him and weekly, even daily, fellowship with brothers and sisters. It becomes real when we take ourselves out of the frame and place God there instead.

The Result

Joy results in contentment, whether or not we’re comfortable in every situation. It results in an obedient attitude; whining, complaining, and bitterness are taken away and replaced with confidence in Christ and ourselves, and hope in our salvation instead of in the faltering ambitions of the world. We’ll have a changed countenance and an understanding that we can get through each day because we’re in the family of God! Joy results in a mindset of praise, not just a mark in the calendar and a check off the list. When we have joy, we have love and peace that pass understanding, and we are thankful (thankfulness and joy walk hand in hand!). It results in a hunger and thirst for God’s word and for the righteousness He tells us about. It’s manifested in the lives of every Christian who completely trusts in God, no matter their circumstances, and it’s passed on through our words and actions and how we treat others. True joy results in a Christian who is passionate about her walk with God and consumed with zeal on the path to heaven with a heart that’s at peace, knowing that “it is well with my soul.”

// A large part of being a Christian is a journey that takes effort and intentional growth, especially when we’re choosing joy. Christians should be the most joyful people on earth because we have hope! Nothing about it is easy, so that’s why I want to make a conscious effort to be a joyful Christian.

I’ve had this overwhelming joy before, and I want to keep it. So, I’m making an ongoing resolution (new year or not) to find it all the time, in the big things and the small things, the good and the bad, the day-to-day and the incredible. And I want you to join me! I’d like to make my blog a place for encouraging, active communication. I want to interact with you; so, if you decide to make this resolution with me, I would absolutely love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below, or send me an email, and we can connect through our common love for Christ.

journey-to-joy-pinterestThank you for reading! I hope you’re always encouraged to be like Christ and learn more about God’s word when you’re on my blog. If you want to see more like this, feel free follow me on Instagram  and Pinterest.  Feel free to print, pin, and share my posts on all platforms, so the gospel reaches even further. For thoughts and questions, comment directly below or click the Contact Me tab (here) to send an email! Have a blessed day.🙂

2 thoughts on “Journey to Joy: A Resolution

    • Yes! Always time to renew and be diligent, and I’m never good at actual new year’s resolution, so I made one early. 🙂 You’re welcome! (Love you, Momma). 🙂


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