April Roundup: Blogs

One of the most helpful things to do when it comes to having my own blog is keeping up with other blogs that I’m interested in and/or have similar content that keeps me inspired to write (or keep me inspired in general). It’s amazing to have such easy access to so many people and their ideas. I don’t have an extensive list, but I do have some that I want to share. This post isn’t sponsored, nor does it contain affiliate links.

1 | Blair Blogs

Blair Blogs is written by a girl named Blair Lamb, and it’s my #1 favorite blog to follow. I’ve been reading her posts for a few years now, and I can honestly say that she almost always writes about a topic I need the most.

Blair writes about anything from lifestyle to organization to spiritual encouragement. We most likely don’t agree on everything spiritually, but she honestly shares her life’s story, and that’s what I appreciate the most. She has good ideas and strives to encourage women in their everyday walks of life. I mentioned her podcast (Simplify Everything) in a recent post – you can read it here. Not only does she write and have a podcast, but she has recently launched a self-designed t-shirt line where she sells on Etsy.

I also follow Blair on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and Bloglovin’.

2 | Radically Christian

This blog is one I’ve seen shared on my Facebook timeline over and over by friends and fellow-church-members. Wes McAdams discusses serious issues that all professed-Christians need to take into consideration.

Our beliefs are much more similar than the blogs I’ve already mentioned, and I believe Wes attends and preaches for a church of Christ. Radically Christian is a full website with FAQ, sermons, and videos.

His posts are more along the lines of what God has commanded, not commanded, and how a Christian should be walking in his or her everyday life. I’ve seen everything from posts about instrumental music in worship to dating. It’s both challenging and encouraging, and I’m thankful that Wes has the courage and dedication to share these thoughts with the world.

I recently found out that Wes also has a podcast called CrossTalk. It deals with the same types of issues, sometimes with guest hosts.

I follow Radically Christian on Facebook and Bloglovin’.

3 | Phylicia Delta

I was recently introduced to this blog by a new friend, and I’m glad I was. Phylicia Masonheimer is a wife and a mom who, like Blair, strives to encourage women to put their faith in God. Although I haven’t gotten to read all of her posts yet, I appreciate how seriously she approaches the Bible and how seriously she studies to produce these posts. I’ve read posts about modesty (she wrote a viral post about yoga pants), struggling with sin, marriage, and her everyday life; each of them are very well thought-out and well written. (I do feel the need to say again that I don’t agree with everything she outlines specifically, but it can be a huge encouragement in a world that is mostly driven by sin.)

Along with her blog Phylicia  hosts a podcast with another spiritual blogger. It deals with the same issues, but the two women discuss them together in a casual setting in an effort to encourage. Think: coffee with a friend while discussing your thoughts and struggles.

I also follow Phylicia on Instagram and Bloglovin’.

4 | He’s Still Workin’ On Me

I’m still fairly new to this one as well, but Courtney shares recipes, essential oils recipes, crafts, and being a wife/mom (link here). She does all of this in a way that glorifies God. Her “About” section says, “Workin’ on making a little difference in the world while God makes a huge difference in me.” We have the same belief system (and I think we even grew up near each other!), so I know that I will agree with most, if not all, of the spiritual things she posts.

I appreciate Courtney’s positivity and the light she shines for Christ the most. I’ve never seen a post that goes against what God would have her say or do or one that doesn’t glorify Him.

I follow He’s Still Workin’ On Me on Facebook – she shares Bible verses fairly regularly here, as well. I also follow her on Bloglovin’.


// Do you have any blogs you like to follow regularly? What are they? I would love to know if you do! You can comment below with thoughts about mine and suggestions for later. If you want to know more about what I believe, shoot me an email at eahblog15@gmail.com. 🙂

*UPDATE: I now use Feedly to follow blogs instead of Bloglovin’.*


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