To My Friendship Circle

When you grow up with such a large, tight-knit group of friends, it can be easy to forget that they’ve been there for you – some since birth, some since elementary school, and it just keeps going from there. It can be hard to thank each of them for just how much they taught you, gave you, and helped you. You forget to thank them for what really matters.

So, to my Friendship Circle,

Past and present – you know who you are. I thank God upon every remembrance of you (Philippians 1:3).

I wish I could bring you all here together, take you out for coffee, and tell each of you how much you’ve meant to me over the course of my 23 years. But since I can’t, this will have to suffice.

Thank you for deciding to be my friends when we were little and bright-eyed (and some of you when we were going through that horrible awkward phase – you know the one). I still remember how some of us became friends, but the majority of you just seem like you’ve been there the whole time. There’s not always a definite beginning because, especially when we were young, it didn’t matter who it was or how it happened – we just made friends and we always loved each other.

Thank you to the ones who’ve drifted away. You were there to help me grow as a child and a weirdo middle schooler, and some into high school. We may not always be close, but I cherish the memories we made and the times we had because I’m certain that you were in that season of my life for a reason. We all change, but what your friendships meant to me never will.

Thank you for crying with me through the bad times, laughing through the good times, and celebrating through the best times. We’re all so different, but we love with the same big heart, and for that I’m grateful.

Our GIF texting conversations and hideous Snapchat faces will never fail to amuse me no matter how much I forget to reply – just remember, I really am reading them. 😉 And really, one more Netflix marathon couldn’t hurt.

We’ve all had our fights and differences and little rants, but I’m glad most of you have stuck with me. We didn’t all hang out at the same time, but we all had different fun, and I’ve loved each of you equally. From aspiring fourth-grade rock band members to hosting fake TV shows to singing together in recitals to those horribly-executed study parties, we’ve pretty much done it all. And I wouldn’t take any of it back for a second.

I’m thankful to have friends from all walks of life, and all kinds of places. Some of you I became friends with later in life, and we’ve made up for lost time with heart-to-hearts about our fears, hopes, regrets, dreams – anything and everything. You might not all know each other, but to me you’re part of that never-ending circle of friends (“the circle is round, it has no end, that’s how long I want to be your friend,” TBT to Brownies) who I love and care about just as much as the others.

We all have our weaknesses, and because they’re all different, we complement and push each other along. You let me totally obsess over all things Christmas and every puppy I see. Some of you brought me ice cream when I was sick and drove me around when I didn’t have a car or was just too afraid I would get lost. You listened to me go on and on about everything that seemed the end of the world to me and didn’t ask me to stop. So thank you for understanding me when I’m completely out of my mind and loving me when I’m the least lovable. For showing me compassion and empathy and grace and kindness even when I don’t deserve it.

I know you support me in my dreams even though you don’t always tell me out loud; I appreciate each of you for that.

Thank you for all the times we’ve sat in our cars and talked for hours, “Random Thursdays” spent in Wal-Mart, and late-night Taco Bell or coffee runs when we were supposed to be taking care of real-life responsibilities. It was needed for our hearts and our souls and our friendships. Thank you for correcting me when I needed it and encouraging me every day. You’ve all been your own kind of light.

I imagine it’s the same for most friend groups, but this one is special – because this one is mine. I’ll cherish your friendships for the rest of my life, no matter what happens.

Thank you, friends, for being you. I couldn’t do life without you by my side. There will always be room in my heart and a spot on my couch for you. 🙂

What do you think?

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