The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned From Blogging

Blogging, and writing in general, has taught me many things. I’ve loved writing for several years, and have been writing since I was small – never for personal gain or benefit, only for fun. As I’ve mentioned before, I majored in professional writing in college, and English was my favorite subject throughout middle and high school. Often in the professional world, writing gets a bad rap. It’s portrayed as something that’s not helpful or useful or even worth majoring in simply because it’s part of the liberal arts, and it can’t always bring in large amounts of money (depending on the writer’s focus and dedication). So, I’ve always been a little shy about explaining what my major was and what I like to do with my training – this is where blogging comes in.

I blog for fun. I blog to encourage. I blog to inspire (I wrote a post about that here).Writing is authoritative, helpful, and information-shaping.

“Good writing gives you and your ideas visibility and authority.”

John Lannon

Like Lannon said, your ideas gain visibility and authority through writing, but I think that can be introspective, as well, because you allow yourself visibility and a certain amount of authority. This is why I also blog for myself – because of what it teaches me and how it helps me grow.

I’ve learned the importance of writing what I think and believe.

This is the main reason I started the blog in 2013. I wanted to encourage others while encouraging myself – mainly spiritually. I started out blogging once a week, either about something I read in my personal Bible study or at a more public sermon or devotional. At first I wasn’t sure if I was reaching anyone, or if I even would, but then I started receiving comments. I had a handful of email followers and one who would occasionally give me an encouraging comment or thank me for writing about the subject (through Google+). I say this not to brag on myself, but to tell you that my writing mattered. It mattered to a handful of people when I first started out, and since I’ve moved to WordPress, I’ve gained even more followers (some I know, most I don’t). I can see where in the world my followers are reading from, and that’s important. It’s important because I’m putting my convictions out there for everyone to see – I could be encouraging someone in a positive way or helping someone through major life event or challenge. Even though I don’t know everyone who reads my blog and I don’t know how they feel when they read my posts, I do know that it’s worth it to try.

I’ve gained confidence in my ideas and abilities.

Writing out your thoughts has been shown to be helpful for many reasons, and for me this is one of them. Sure, I get some positive feedback, mostly from friends and family, and the occasional Facebook friend, but that’s not the only reason for this. I’ve always loved to write what I think and take notes during sermons and classes and seminars. There’s something therapeutic about writing, and it has led me to greater confidence in my ideas and my abilities. Because writing (especially blogging) has a weak reputation in a lot of places, it hasn’t been easy to publicize my blog and put myself out there. When I first began my blog, I wanted to share the posts on Facebook – but I would only share the ones I thought people would really find worth it to click on. Not everyone looks down on writing, but because I know there are some who do, I struggled with this for a while. It’s easier knowing I have this “shield” being behind a screen, but I recognize that there are real-life people reading – I’m not writing to thin air. It takes courage to write (I applaud those who have been doing this longer and are more outgoing than I am). So, by keeping up my blog, I’m learning how to confidently express myself and have faith in what I do both on and off the page.

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible!”

– Audrey Hepburn

If someone wants to write – blog or otherwise- I encourage you to do it! You might learn a new talent. You might even learn something about yourself or gain a new part of yourself that you didn’t know could be there. There’s nothing lesser or inferior about writing; it’s just as important as any other profession, only for different reasons. It’s always worth it to try.


*see another short blog I wrote during college for more of my supported ideas about writing here*

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