What I’ve Learned from Moving: 5 Hard Truths

I’ve been pretty quiet here for about a month now… with good reason. My husband and I have just moved completely out-of-state, to Arkansas, 7.5 hours away from where we were living. We’ve been making lists and packing and apartment hunting and cleaning and signing papers and everything that goes along with moving. That being said, I haven’t been near my computer as much as I usually am (and when I have been, I was getting all of our belongings together and in boxes.

It has been a whirlwind of a process, and I’ve learned some big things from it.

1 | Nothing is ever really set in stone.

Life is ever-changing. Just because I thought we were going to stay right there in Millbrook, Alabama forever (or at least until we found a house) didn’t mean that’s where I was always going to be. Just because I thought that having wonderful friends in one place meant I could stay there, didn’t mean I would. It didn’t mean that I was going to have my little organized life every day of my life and nothing change until we have a house or a baby. Things will happen that are beyond your control and you have to learn to deal with it gracefully. You can’t get too comfortable inside your comfort zone and think that every event in your life is up to you because God is there, and He controls it all.

2 | God is in control.

Sometimes we really do have to let go and let God! And sometimes this isn’t the easiest thing to do (especially for me, the obsessive planner). God is the creator and He’s the one who holds the world in His hands. My life is in God’s hands and until I recognize that and believe that, then I’m going to have a really hard time in life. I’m going to have a hard time accepting anything unexpected, and I’m going to have a hard time simply being joyful. Let every situation direct your mind upward, toward God.

3 | Everything happens for a reason.

” …Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14) Who knows whether I have come here, to Arkansas, for a reason? After I recognize that God is in control, it’s then that I can start to find a reason for being where I am. Maybe the kingdom of God needs to grow here, maybe I need to grow here, maybe I needed to be out of my comfort zone, maybe it will help my husband and I grow together. There are so many reasons this could be a good thing, that everything could be a good thing. You just have to see past what’s directly in front of you.

4 | Supporting your husband is so important.

Over the first few months of our marriage, I was able to be part of a Bible study that focused on submission to husbands and raising children. A woman who was part of the congregation there was leading our study. She stressed this over and over, and I’m seeing a real-life example of why this is true. Marriage is about working together and adapting to each other. My husband (all husbands) need support to be able to lead the family confidently. No matter what decision my husband makes or what job he takes, I vowed at our wedding to go where he goes and to always respect him. So really, we made this decision together – because what he needed to do and what was best for our family, I was going to be behind.

5 | God’s people are there for you no matter where you are.

Just like when I got married and moved in with my husband, the church we worshiped with there was more than willing to help us out and encourage me during my transition. We haven’t yet identified with a congregation here, but the one we’ve visited has been more than accommodating, and we already have connections with people at two more congregations. God’s people are going to act like His people and they’re going to reach out to their brothers and sisters. (Similar thoughts here). It’s a blessing to be part of this Kingdom that stretches all over the world. You’ll never be without a sibling and without support.

// So, here’s to moving and here’s to Arkansas.

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned from Moving: 5 Hard Truths

  1. This was exactly what I needed to read today. I’ve lived in Conway my whole life and thankfully, Jeremiah has been willing to live here too. I can definitely relate to all of your apprehensions in moving away from your home where you’ve lived your whole life. I do not adapt to change well AT ALL…something I’m really working on right now. It’s inspiring to see your thoughts and your willingness to follow your husband and support him in whatever he thinks best. Because ultimately, he thinks it’s what’s best for you and your future family together. Trusting that, and learning to trust that so soon in your marriage is such a huge deal and a blessing to you and your husband. Thank you for your example. Definitely going to do my best to apply your thoughts in my own life and marriage. Excited to read more from you 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for reading!! It’s definitely still a work in progress for me, but it’s something I work on every day. I’m glad it could be an encouragement to you. 🙂


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