My Blogging Space


You guessed it. That’s my coffee table.

As you’ve probably figured out, I like simple, organized spaces. I especially try to keep my blogging space neat because clutter messes with my creativity and concentration. Usually I’ll have a snack and a drink sitting on the table, as well.

What I have sitting on the table today, though, is my laptop, a stack of coasters, and the books I’m loving right now. The book underneath is a Proverbs Journible – a book used to copy down scripture on the right side and take notes on the left (more about that at a later date)! On top, I have a book I started a few days ago called Practicing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving Others by Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock. Both of my copies came from a store in my hometown, CEI Bookstore. It’s a great Christian bookstore that has an abundance of great literature, Bibles, and gift items; they’ll even order for you what they don’t have. You can probably find it online or at another bookstore, as well.

I’m really enjoying both of these. Practicing Hospitality is a wonderfully written book that details the reasons God expects Christians to offer hospitality to strangers and friends. I just got to Chapter 2, so once I finish it up, I may tell you how I liked it!

You may be wondering why I blog at my coffee table instead of a desk. As I’ve mentioned before I live in an apartment. There’s only room for one desk here, which is my husband’s that he uses for work. I could use his desktop computer, but I prefer my familiar keyboard that brought me through the end of college. It’s a cozy set up, and I can watch a tv show or movie while I write. It gives me some flexibility. Sometimes it motivates me even more because sitting in a chair at a desk while writing has always made me uncomfortable. One day I may upgrade, and get a nice, comfortable chair, but for now I’m thankful for what I have. It’s fun seeing where people’s creativity sparks. Mine is a simple space, but I like it that way!

What do you think?

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