Intentionally Living For God

People are always searching for purpose, something that makes them feel complete and happy and worthwhile. As they search and don't find, they come up with new ways to live that they think will introduce the solution and end the searching.  What's been emphasized lately is intentional living.  In a nutshell, intentional living means trading …

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On Change, Bitterness, and Standing on the Rock

Things have been getting more real over here on the blog lately. I don't enjoy writing about things that I can wrap in beautiful paper and tie up with a bow because it's not real life. That's just not how it goes, and I don't always want to write about my highlights and list the …

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Be Holy, For I Am Holy

We need God to know the difference between right and wrong, and we need God to maintain godly reasoning. Just like that day in the Garden of Eden, if we rely on ourselves, we'll inevitably fall. Sure, have individualized interests, keep your distinct personality, but find your confidence and worth in Christ. Because nothing you are, could you be without Him.

Shine Your Light

We're just past the Christmas season, the time of year when people start being kinder, more generous, more thoughtful and more loving, and reaching for the new year. More people give out of the goodness of their hearts, with the intention of receiving nothing back, shining their light (God's light) in darkness, and forgetting about …

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